TECHNOMAX safes have been subjected to various tests and certified by ICIM according to European standards EN 14450 and EN 1143-1 which specify requirements and test methods used for safes for private and professional use, to offer those who choose a safe a very effective device.

Key Factors of Guarantee and Efficiency for our Clients

Many TECHNOMAX products have been tested in accredited laboratories in Italy and abroad and have obtained certification according to current European Regulations.

In order to guarantee continual improvement in all the production and quality processes of our products, TECHNOMAX has obtained the certification of its own Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 regulations, issued by one of the main International Organisation, UKAS accrediting.

The customer today “first of all buys the company that produces the good that needs” TECHNOMAX for this reason has decided to stand out thanks to its values, its tradition, its respect for people, the environment and the community, for its social responsibility obtaining the certificate to the “BOLLINO ETICO SOCIALE”