Enblock Armoured Cabinets
Certified EN 1143-1 GR. 3

The “Professional Bank” series of certified safes combine the highest of security levels with great reliability and are ideal for the custody of valuables and important belongings, given that contents can also be insured for a specific value depending on the burglar proof class achieved in laboratory tests. In fact all models in this line have been burglar proof tested, and certified against mechanical and heating equipment according to European Standards EN 1143-1, achieving various grades of resistance with the German Certifying Bodies VDS and ECB-S. Besides offering great resistance against all forms of burglary tool assaults, the “Professional Bank” range of safes has achieved the fire resistance certification NT FIRE 017 60P and 90P issued by the Swedish Certifying Body SP for the safeguarding of paper documents for 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the model.
Appropriate labels placed inside the safes carry all the most important information regarding the model, the European Standards certifying the product, the burglary and fire proof class as well as the products’ serial number.
The shell is bended and welded using a specific technology resulting in an exceptionally solid structure. All five faces as well as the door are armored by a special cladding that assures excellent resistance against sledge-hammer, drill, oxy-acetylene torch, cutting disc and blow-pipe assaults as well as impact following a drop from a height of several metres. All safes are provided with a special tear-proof door protection built into the door on the hinge side.
All models are provided with interconnected automatic relocking systems. In the event of the safe being assaulted, the locking bolts will be blocked automatically.
According to size and grade of resistance, the safes have a variable number of locking bolts which are also protected against external assaults.



UNI EN1143-1: European reference Standard for the classification of professional means of custody according to burglary resistance. The “Professional Bank” line of safes have been tested and certified ECB∙S and VDS, achieving various classes of resistance according to the model.

NT FIRE 017 – Swedish Standard for the classification of means of custody for documents according to fire resistance. The “Professional Bank” line safes have been tested and certified in the SP Laboratories in Sweden for the resistance to fire of paper documents, achieving various classes of resistance according to the model.