Evolution EHC/FT


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Double-Bitted Key

Elegant covering in solid wood ancient-looking walnut

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  • One-piece steel construction of 3 mm thickness.
  • Thickness of door 5 mm.
  • Security lock with 6 levers and double-bitted key (2 keys supplied).
  • Key-retaining lock in open position.
  • 5 nickel-plated steel bolts Ø 22 mm.
  • Lock mechanism, horizontal and top vertical bolts protected by manganese-steel plate.
  • Painted solid wood supports for 7 rifles.
  • Security box with cylinder lock.
  • Inside base with carpet.
  • Pre-drilled anchor holes on floor and wall mounting (4+4).


CodeHeight. Ext. (mm)Width. Ext. (mm)Depth Ext. (mm)Height. Int. (mm)Width. Int. (mm)Depth Int (mm)Height. Door (mm)Width. Door (mm)Num. of Bolts. Horiz.Num. of Bolts Vert.Weight (kg)Volume (l)

*Excluding the high of security box