Gold Plus Key


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Double-Bitted Key

● Front 10 mm
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  • Special anti-cut inserts on internal part of the door to offer greater resistance to the attacks using cutting disc.
  • Latest generation high security EVO-LOCK, EN 1300 certified, with 8 asymmetrical and independent levers with double-bitted key. The lock is based upon the use of new antipicking oscillating levers and mentonnet with special profile to oppose exceptional resistance to assaults with the latest sophisticated tamper systems using special picklocks.
  • Double-bitted key with special profile, duplicable with the ownership numbered card, to prevent unauthorized key duplication.
  • Key-retaining lock in open position.
  • Nickel-plated rotating steel bolts Ø 22 mm.
  • Lock mechanism protected by a manganese-steel plate.
  • Steel plates on the lock which are bent to offer a strong resistance against attacks in order to force the door.
  • Special ledges of the door for more resistance in case of bludgeon attack.
  • Removable internal shelf.
  • Oven dried thermo-hardening powder painting.


ArtAlt. Est. (mm)Larg. Est. (mm)Prof. Est. (mm)Alt. Int. (mm)Larg. Int. (mm)Prof. Int (mm)Alt. Porta (mm)Larg. Porta (mm)Num. Caten. Orizz.Num. Caten. Vert.Peso (kg)Volume (l)Immagine
ATK/427039020024536515019530021 + 120.014.0
ATK/4L27039024024536519019530021 + 121.018.0
ATK/534046020031543515026537031 + 130.021.0
ATK/5L34046024031543519026537031 + 131.027.0
ATK/5V42034020039531515033824831 + 123.019.0
ATK/642048023039545518034539032 + 238.533.0
ATK/6L42048028039545523026534532 + 239.543.0
ATK/748042028045539523040533032 + 239.543.0
ATK/7L48042036045539521040533032 + 242.057.0

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