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Digital Motorized Electronic Combination with Visual LED Display

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  • Thickness of door: 6 mm. Lasercut
  • Thickness of body: 2 mm.
  • Motorized digital combination lock controlled by a high performing electronic system.
  • Guest code programmable from 3 to 6 digits.
  • All functions are marked by high contrast 6-digit LED display.
  • Possibility to program up to 6 master codes for use by Hotel Management.
  • Override key for emergency opening (identical for all safes of the same Hotel).
  • Audit trail of last 100 events visible on display.
  • Powered by 4 x 1,5V alkaline batteries.
  • Internal shelf.
  • Internal carpet provided.
  • Back and base fixing holes (2+2).
  • Screw anchor fixing bolts provided.
  • Sandstone colour powder coated finishing.

Option: M.S.U.: portable electronic device (1 for only safes), with double changeable codes, in order to use the emergency electronic opening function and print the last 100 operations with the date and time through a dedicated software provided.


CodeHeight. Ext. (mm)Width. Ext. (mm)Depth Ext. (mm)Height. Int. (mm)Width. Int. (mm)Depth Int (mm)Num. of Bolts. Horiz.Weight (kg)Volume (l)



* The 745/AD model can contain a notebook 15,6”.

** Add 20 mm. for the projection keyboard