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Digital Electronic Combination with a Time-Delayed Opening Device Programmable from 0 to 99 Minutes

● Front and Door 10 mm
● Body 5 mm
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  • Electronic lock, controlled by a high performing electronic system provided by non-volatile memory.
  • Opening/closing with recessed handle and locking by electromagnet .
  • Internal power of 220 V. through transformer supplied with the safe or with 4 internal 1,5 V alkaline batteries (not included).
  • Membrane keyboard with 4 leds.
  • Emergency external power outlet with contacts directly on keyboard.
  • Acoustic and visual signals to confirm codes errors and internal battery deficiency. • Nickel-plated rotating steel bolts Ø 22 mm.
  • Lock mechanism protected by a manganesesteel plate.
  • Horizontal and top vertical bolts protected by drill resistant manganese-steel plate 3 mm. thick in oblique position to obtain the maximum drill resistant.
  • Special door battens for exceptional resistance against robbery attempts using a sledge hammer.
  • Strong internal welding realised by a robotcontrolled system.
  • One-piece body welded and cut by means of a robot-controlled system.
  • Base and back fixing holes, screw anchor fixing bolts provided.
  • Oven dried thermo-hardening powder painting..

The slot mm. 170 x 8 and its anti-withdrawal deposit chute makes the insertion of money easy without even opening the door. This version is a dissuasive mechanism against theft and robbery, especially in areas where considerable quantities of money circulate and security measures are unexpectedly low.

On demand, the electronic models, can be equipped with a mechanical emergency opening with double-bitted key lock (EVO-LOCK).


Code Height. Ext. (mm) Width. Ext. (mm) Depth Ext. (mm) Height. Int. (mm) Width. Int. (mm) Depth Int (mm) Height. Door (mm) Width. Door (mm) Num. Ripiani Num. of Bolts. Horiz. Weight (kg) Volume (l) Num. of Bolts Vert.
GTR/4 280 400 350 260 390 295 195 300 1 2 35.5 31.0
GTR/6 430 490 350 410 480 295 345 390 1 3 56.0 60.0 2+2

Codice prodotto di questa serie con chiave di emergenza: aggiungere la lettera “P” alla fine del codice del prodotto standard.
Esempio: GTR/4 senza chiave di emergenza diviene GTR/4P con chiave di emergenza, etc.