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Digital Electronic Combination

● Front and Door Thickness 8 mm.
● Body Thickness 3 mm.
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  •  Lock controlled by a high performing electronic system provided by a non-volatile memory.
  • Opening/closing with recessed handle and locking by electromagnet.
  • Internal power with 4 alkaline batteries 1,5 V (not included).
  • Membrane keyboard with 4 leds.
  • Emergency external power outlet with contacts directly on keyboard.
  • Acoustic and visual signals to confirm codes, errors and internal battery deficiency.
  • Metallic hooks complete with adhesive numeration.
  • Nickel-plated rotating steel bolts Ø 22 mm.
  • Lock mechanism protected by manganese-steel plate.
  • One-piece body welded and ground thanks to automatic robotized systems.
  • 4 fixing holes for wall mounting and anchor fixing bolts supplied.
  • Oven dried thermo-hardening powder painting.
  • Security lock EN 1300 certified, with double-bitted key for emergency opening (EVO-LOCK) and ownership card.

CE/40: for 40 keys

CE/120: for 120 keys with a internal rotating support


CodeHeight. Ext. (mm)Width. Ext. (mm)Depth Ext. (mm)Height. Int. (mm)Width. Int. (mm)Depth Int (mm)Height. Door (mm)Width. Door (mm)Num. of Bolts. Horiz.Weight (kg)Volume (l)