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Mechanical Combination with Disc

● Front Thickness 10 mm.
● Total Door Thickness 30 mm.
  • Front panel and door are in special one-piece steel construction with a thickness of 10mm produced by means of a “High-Tech” Laser Cutting System.
  • Total door thickness 30 mm.
  • Internal part of the door protected through a steel panel containing a strength concrete where are placed special inserts to offer a high resistance in case of cutting disks attacks.
  • Security combination lock EN 1300 certified, with 3 internal coaxial discs (1.440.000 combinations allowed).
  • Opening and closing with control knob.
  • Recessed control knob and combination dial.
  • Nickel-plated rotating steel bolts Ø 22 mm.
  • Strong steel hinge with a 90° door opening angle.
  • Special door battens for exceptional resistance against robbery attempts using a sledge hammer.
  • Internally welded by a robot-controlled system.
  • Front panel seam-welded to the casing by a robot-controlled system.
  • Internal shelf.
  • Anchor tongues on the 4 backs sides against jerks-attemps.
  • Oven dried thermo-hardening powder painting.


CodeHeight. Ext. (mm)Width. Ext. (mm)Depth Ext. (mm)Height. Int. (mm)Width. Int. (mm)Depth Int (mm)Height. Door (mm)Width. Door (mm)Num. of Bolts. Horiz.Num. of Bolts Vert.Weight (kg)Volume (l)
UC/534046020031543512026537031 + 129.516.5
UC/5L34046024031543516026537031 + 130.522.0